Salsa Vs Bachata

What are the differences, how is the music and how is the rithym in both latin dances.

Differences between salsa and bachata

Although salsa and bachata are Latin dances, there are many differences between them. Let her see us.

The origin of the sauce is unknown: no one knows exactly in which country they started to dance, though it is believed that it comes from a mix of rhythms that were very practiced in the New York clubs of the 70s. Chachachá with the mambo and the movements from the swing. Therefore, the name “Salsa” would be derived from a mixture of dances.

Salsa is a genre that combines various musical influences such as African, Puerto Rican and Venezuelan music. Together they form a special rhythm for a very noticeable dance.

Bachata is from the Dominican Republic. Originally from rural areas, over the years it has become one of the most popular Latin American dances in the world. It is a mix of Bolero, Cuban yarn and Merengue: All these musical influences make Bachata very danceable and everyone loves it. Althou, nowdays bachata is starting to be more known because of the new style created by Korke and Judith in Cadiz (Spain), that is called Bachata Sensual.

Bachata Flow (other new style of bacahta)

Salsa dance in World Salsa Meeting

“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them”

The songs usually have something to do with heartbreak (in fact, there was a time when the name “heartbreak music” came into fashion). The word “bachata” was formerly used in the Dominican Republic to refer to the party and the street party. In this context, they began to call this Bachata dance, as during these celebrations mixed bolero and merengue rhythms, which were accompanied by the guitar and gave the music character.

To dance one of the two modalities you have to have a good rhythm and you want a lot because they involve the movement of the whole body. The two dance in pairs and the man is the one who takes the direction; Both dance sensually.

However, there is not only one way to dance salsa and bachata: each country has adapted it to its characteristic rhythms. In this way, popular rhythms have sprung up, such as traditional Cuban salsa, casino salsa, online salsa and even an acrobatic sauce that mixes step by step, jumps and pirouettes is in Cali a city of Colombia. Bachata also derives from Bachatango and Urban Bachata, which have something to do with hip-hop.

Dance is one of the best sports that one can practice: not only is it a perfect aerobic sport, it is also fun and can be practiced as a couple. The pleasure is guaranteed (especially if the class consists of a group to learn and have fun).

In short, salsa and bachata are two of the many good things other countries have taught us and we are very happy.

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